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Tessa by Ionaute

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Augmented Ownership

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 The digital identity
of your products 

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Transparency  Standards and Expectations are rising

Establish trust and increase your supply chain's efficiency with our blockchain-based supply chain traceability and management system.


"The market leaders have set new rules when announcing AURA Blockchain. Digital certifications and transparency are becoming the norm."

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One cloud solution

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From design

To final consumer 

  • Supply chain efficiency

  • Certificate of Authenticity

  • Transparency 

Secured Data

Enhanced and Personalized Brand Experience

Express your brand's values

Establish a unique bond with your customers

Extend your consumer's experience, beyond the store's boundaries


Take full ownership of your consumer base

Always Connected
With your Consumers

Your Product Becomes
Your Ambassador

From production to consumer, from first-hand to second-hand, Monitor, Trace and Communicate throughout the entire product's life cycle.  

"Consumers form their opinion on quality from their own experience with the product" - Steve Jobs

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The digital identity of your product

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