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Must-know strategy for luxury brands in 2024: Growth, Transformation, and Consumer Evolution

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

As we approach the new year, I have compiled for you a list of points you Must-know to establish your luxury brand strategy in 2024! The luxury industry faces a pivotal era of transformation and growth. Despite economic uncertainties, Bain & Company and Altagamma predict an 8 to 10% growth by the end of the year, potentially reaching record highs. This growth, however, signifies a shift in consumer behavior and market dynamics.

The industry is seeing a trend towards ultra-luxury, with fewer but higher-priced sales, especially in high jewelry, high-end fashion, and prestige beauty sectors. The luxury personal goods segment alone is expected to reach €362 billion, a 4% increase. This shift is partly due to the affluent customer base maintaining momentum despite macroeconomic instability.

Online and mono-brand store sales are projected to represent two-thirds of the market by 2030, highlighting the importance of quality experiences in both physical and digital realms. Geographical market shifts are also notable, with emerging luxury hotspots in Southeast Asia and Saudi Arabia, contrasted by a decline in the Americas and a slowdown in Chinese consumer purchases.

adapting to a more diverse, multigenerational consumer base, with Gen Z and Millennials expected to significantly drive future luxury purchases.

Looking ahead to 2024, modest single-digit growth is anticipated. The luxury sector is not only expanding in terms of goods and services but also facing increased competition from new rivals in different sectors. Strategic planning and innovation are becoming crucial for brands to stay relevant, grow, or survive. This includes adapting to a more diverse, multigenerational consumer base, with Gen Z and Millennials expected to significantly drive future luxury purchases.

In summary, the luxury industry is at a critical juncture, navigating through shifts in consumer preferences, market dynamics, and the need for strategic adaptation. Brands must innovate and realign with the evolving demands of a discerning, multigenerational consumer base to thrive in this new era of luxury. So how does Tessa fits in this looming reality? Enhancing the Ultra-Luxury Experience: As the luxury industry shifts towards a model of higher value but lower volume sales, Tessa's ability to add value to luxury items through authentication and documentation aligns perfectly. By enhancing the resale value and providing a premium post-purchase experience, Tessa can help luxury brands position their products even more distinctly in the ultra-luxury segment.

  1. Digital and Experiential Integration: With the growing importance of online and omnichannel experiences in the luxury market, Tessa's digital platform bridges the gap between physical luxury goods and their digital presence. This integration enriches the customer experience, offering a seamless blend of in-store luxury and online convenience and engagement.

  2. Facilitating Brand-Consumer Relationships: The luxury market is increasingly focused on building strong, direct relationships with consumers. Tessa's platform facilitates this by enabling direct brand-consumer contact, thus enhancing brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

  3. Targeting a Diverse, Digital-Savvy Consumer Base: As Gen Z and Millennials become dominant consumer groups in the luxury sector, their preference for digital solutions and authentic brand engagement makes Tessa a valuable tool. The platform's user-friendly design and the ability for customers to manage their luxury collections and share experiences align with the preferences of these tech-savvy, younger consumers.

  4. Responding to Market Dynamics: In a luxury market characterized by geographical shifts and a need for strategic innovation, Tessa provides brands with a tool to maintain relevance and appeal across diverse markets. Its global accessibility and emphasis on quality and authenticity resonate well in various regions, catering to both established and emerging luxury markets.

I hope this article is helping you with your strategic decision for 2024. We are connected to brands and manufacturers of all sizes across the globe, from one-man/woman army to international 1000+ people strong companies. We are blessed to access critical and confidential information and this helps us bring solutions to empower the industry and its consumers, collectors and fans.

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