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Establishing Trust and
Reinventing Ownership of
Luxury in the Digital age

IOnaute enables luxury brands to create a strong relationship with their fans, extending the experience through a certificate of ownership, exclusive communication and services.

The Secret behind Luxury brands success is TRUST

The 3 Pillars of Trust

Trust is foundational for a timeless luxury brand success and it is built upon these three golden pillars.





Understand better how IOnaute establishes Trust for luxury brands based on these three pillars

Luxury goods are by essence designed to endure the test of time.

The mission of IOnaute is to become the modern guardian of this timelessness.

Legacy, or Heritage are terms commonly attached to luxury items such as jewellery, watches, art... Luxury purchases are not consumed, they are experienced, and passed along as gift from a mother to her daughter with an engagement ring, or sold to allow the purchase of this project you always dreamed of for your family...

Luxury goods are acquired, experienced, collected and even sometimes proudly displayed. But as any durable product, along the way they are also modified, lost or, stolen.
What was previously untraceable, is now possible thanks to technological evolution and consumer digital habits. IOnaute naturally modernise this relationship to time and completely reinvents the way we experience luxury by extending and elevating the brand experience through a digital product ownership certificate. 

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Tessa, the world's first digital Experiential Vault for luxury goods delivering the Three pillars of Trust for your fans


Deliver consistently the message behind your Brand and Product to your fans.

Make sure that they have all the cards in hand to speak of your brand from a privileged standpoint.


Tessa bridges your fans to you through the product. This is a dedicated and private space between you and your product's owner. This is a way to say: "Welcome, as a collector, you are now part of the family and we are here for you."


Product owners can declare and share the status of your product, and  transfer ownership of a product.

This is a true commitment to the product's timelessness and to your fans experience on the long term.

But we have a secret of our own

The world of luxury has evolved into a complex and global industry with production and distribution spread out across the entire globe. With this evolution, a fourth pillar has emerged. Transparency.

To answer this 4th secret, it takes a neutral, independent party to testify the authenticity of the information shared throughout the product's life cycle and throughout the supply chains. To do so, IOnaute is the first provider to actually be in the heart of the supply chains, and accompany luxury brands with their production monitoring.

IOnaute's monitoring tool is made for high-end jewelry brands

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Countries in Europe, Asia & USA

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Manufacturers in Europe, Asia & USA

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Christophe Nocher

Founder & CEO

Meet The Team

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Christophe V_edited

Christophe Viguerie

Co-Founder & CFO


Baptiste Konieczny



Carmelo Balagtas

Sales Lead

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Novia Chang

Digital Lead

photo Kristel.jpg

Kristel Payrau

Office Manager

Jerome Duby.jpeg

Jerome Duby

Strategy & Communication

IOnaute is empowered by

Our Board

Gautier Dhaussy.jpeg

Gautier Dhaussy

Co-Founder & CEO


・SAAS ・Retail ・Entrepreneurship

Pierric Duthoit.jpeg

Pierrick Duthoit

Business Director France


・Digital Technology ・Web3

GL 5.png

Not Disclosed

Former CEO of 2 of the world's most prominent high jewellery brands

・Luxury ・High-end Jewellery

And the partners who believe in our work

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