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IOnaute enables luxury brands to create a strong relationship with their clientele, elevating the luxury brand experience through a digital product passport (DPP), exclusive communication channels, and a host of additional premium services.

Managing The Off-Store Luxury Brand Experiences

Brands design luxury products to withstand the test of time;
Consumers purchase luxury goods for a timeless brand experience.

Our Mission

IOnaute's mission is to become the modern guardian of the timeless brand experience


Luxury goods like jewellery, watches and art are acquired, collected and are oftentimes even proudly displayed. These luxury purchases are not consumed, they are experienced, and these experiences are passed down from generation to generation: an engagement ring passed along from a mother to her daughter, a family-owned art piece from a renowned artist...


But as any durable product, along the way the luxury goods could also be modified, lost, or even stolen. As a result, ensuring a timeless luxurious experience for consumers has always been a challenge for luxury brands.


It is now possible thanks to technological evolution and consumer digital habits. IOnaute provides a new possibility of brand-consumer relationship in the digital age, and completely reinvents the way buyers and collectors experience luxury by extending and elevating the brand experience through our digital solutions. 

Elevate Luxury Brand Experience Through Consumer Trust

IOnaute's solution is designed to strengthen the consumer trust towards luxury brands by building Consistency, Reliability, and Commitment



  • Maintained brand identity

  • Product storytelling



  • Higher perceived value

  • Brand differentiation



  • Better credibility

  • More powerful community

Consistency, Reliability and Commitment are the 3 pillars of trust. And trust is the key to customer loyalty and successful brands.

IOnaute helps luxury brands to build this trust with their customers in the digital age, extend the true luxury brand experience off-store.


The world's first digital PAM (Personal Asset Manager) for luxury goods

Tessa offers extended digital services of your brand for your customers. This includes the provision of your branded content, as well as access to product documents and warranties of the items they have purchased.

For each of your customers, Tessa provides a user-friendly interface for them to collect, browse, oversee and manage their assets - the digital product passports (DPPs). Additionally, it facilitates direct communication with your brand.

Tessa is the digital Personal Asset Manager that creates stronger customer loyalty for your luxury brand.


Take control of your off-store customer experience, and multiply your brand equity with Tessa.

Production Monitoring

IOnaute is the first provider to actually be in the heart of the supply chains, and to accompany luxury brands with their production monitoring.

The luxury industry has evolved into a complex and global network, extending its production and distribution worldwide. In this evolution, product transparency emerges as an essential element for luxury brands.


To bring transparency, it takes a neutral and independent party to testify the authenticity of the information shared throughout the product's life cycle and throughout the supply chains.


IOnaute is the first and only provider that is in the heart of luxury goods supply chains with 10+ years of expertise in high-end jewelry production. 

IOnaute's production monitoring tool is made for high-end jewelry brands

Key Figures

IOnaute is establishing trust and reinventing ownership of luxury in the digital age. Join us to embark on the future of luxury.



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Europe, Asia & USA



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Manufacturers in Europe, Asia & USA

1-Christophe Nocher.png

Christophe Nocher

Founder & CEO

Meet The Team

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2-Christophe Viguerie.png

Christophe Viguerie

Co-Founder & CFO

3-Baptiste Konieczny.png

Baptiste Konieczny


4-Carmelo Balagtas.png

Carmelo Balagtas

Sales Lead

5-Novia Chang.png

Novia Chang

Digital Lead

6-Kristel Payrau.png

Kristel Payrau

Office Manager

7-Jerome Duby.png

Jerome Duby

Strategy & Communication

Board of Directors

Gautier Dhaussy.jpeg

Gautier Dhaussy

Co-Founder & CEO


  • SAAS

  • Retail

  • Entrepreneurship

Pierric Duthoit.jpeg

Pierrick Duthoit

Business Director France


  • Digital Technology

  • Web3

GL 5.png

Not Disclosed

Former CEO of 2 of the world's most prominent high jewellery brands

  • Luxury

  • High-end Jewellery

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